Making Sales Simple

Hey friend! I'm Jenn Cooper.
Momma to 4 little Coopers and a former huge FLOP early into my Sales career.
Beginning in my medical sales, I had a deep desire to serve the medical community with my products, but somehow forgot to be a HUMAN during the process! Alienating a large portion of my targets, feeling defeated, being placed on performance plans, I wondered if high-end sales were truly for me? I, then, honed in on some selling strategies, put them to test, and 10x'd my efforts. 
I became a top performer in 6 months, both regionally and nationally in medical sales, and when I left the profession to stay home with my premature twin babies. I transferred MANY of these skills over to my new sector of network marketing. I built to 6-figures in 3 years, and upskilled myself with some of the industry greats! 


This led me to my second company starting over at $0, and I built to 6-figures in only 8 months. As a TEAM, we blew past 1M in sales in 11 months, and averaged 30+ advancements monthly. I, now, train online sales professionals all over the industry, and consistently draw out people's greatness, and comfort level to SLAY selling online! 

I've gone from the bottom of the pack to the top and know what it's like to feel very defeated and lacking sales skills! Everyone wants to feel more HUMAN and less SALESY, and I have mastered the secret sauce to help them love the process, no longer fear it.